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6 Educational Infographics About Psychology and the Human Mind

A picture is worth a thousand words, but an infographic can convey even more information than a thousand words can contain. Psychology and the human mind are complicated subjects, and as such, informative visual aids are extremely helpful in understanding them. Here are 6 infographics about a number of psychology-related issues.

  1. This infographic titled Drugged Culture shows the map of the United States drawn in psychiatric pills, reflecting the amounts in which they are prescribed. Xanax takes over the Western coast from Washington to California, while Valium covers the Eastern seaboard.
  2. Mean Happiness is shown in this funny infograph of Wal-Martesque smiley faces that aren’t all that smiley. In fact, only one of them dons a Mona Lisa-like expression, showing that the mean, or average happiness, isn’t exactly worth of a toothy grin. But, most of us are mostly happy.
  3. Which countries are the happiest, angriest, most creative, most loyal and have the most fun? This infograph is trying to track a lot of facts, and in doing so loses some clarity, but if you can follow the colors, numbers and letters, you’ll find that Western/American, Japanese and Hindu countries are evil. Wait…that can’t be right. You’d better check out this infographic for yourself.
  4. If you want to play head games with yourself, this infographic can help you psych yourself out with a number of illusions. What happens if you tape a pair of halved ping-pong balls over your eyes? You may see prancing horses in the clouds. Does that mean you’re crazy? Well, you did just put ping-pong ball halves over your eyes.
  5. 15 things you didn’t know about the Brain is the subject of this infograph, which lists fun facts such as the Forebrain “controls all thoughts, senses, motor functions, emotion and hunger.” You’ll also learn about the Midbrain and Hindbrain, and the importance of the two hemispheres. The left brain controls analytical thoughts, whereas the right side of the brain controls creativity. To learn which sides of the brain men and women use to process information, you will have to check the infographic.
  6. Which states have the best mental health care? This simple map color codes the states that have the most psychiatric inpatient and residential treatment beds per 100,000 people for the year 2000.
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